Breezy Beach May 15, 2023

So much fun with this great group painting ‘Breezy Beach’ today!! We always have fun in Ingersoll 😊

Breezy Beach May 13, 2023

We visited a ‘Breezy Beach’ today in Jordan! Congratulations everyone, you did fantastic work!!

Majestic Cascade April 22, 2023

We had a great time in Jordan today painting 'Majestic Cascade'!  We rose to the challenge of clouds, mountains and 2 waterfalls.  Fantastic job everyone!

Boat Ashore April 20, 2023

A great Thursday Paint Night Out in Jordan painting 'Boat Ashore'!  We had a great group who did awesome work!  

Majestic Cascade April 17, 2023

So proud of my Ingersoll friends! This was a complex project and they killed it! So much fun!!

Silent Forest April 13, 2023

A super fun night painting ‘Silent Forest’ in Niagara Falls! Thank you for the great turnout- our best ever here!

Woodsman's Retreat March 25, 2023

What better way to spend a rainy, windy Saturday afternoon in Jordan? We rose to the challenge of ‘Woodsman’s Retreat’! Thank you for a fun afternoon everyone!

Woodsman's Retreat March 20, 2023 

A great day painting Woodsman’s Retreat in Ingersoll!  Thank you everyone!!

Winter's Grace February 5, 2023

Another great day in Jordan! We spent a relaxing afternoon painting ‘Winter’s Grace’. Thank you everyone, you did fantastic work!

Winter's Grace February 6, 2023

Lots of fun painting ‘Winter’s Grace’ today in Ingersoll!! Beautiful work everyone, thank you for a great afternoon 😊

Silent Forest January 28, 2023

We paid a visit to the ‘Silent Forest’ today in Jordan. It was great fun and I’m so proud of everyone! Thank you for a great afternoon!

Silent Forest January 16, 2023

Great class with new friends and rowdy regulars! Thanks for the fun everyone!!

Winter Haven December 12, 2022

We found a ‘Winter Haven’ in Ingersoll today. As always, we had great fun and made new friends. Thank you everyone!

Winter Haven December 10, 2022

A fun, relaxing day in Jordan painting 'Winter Haven'!  Great job everyone!

River Sunrise November 26, 2022

A nice relaxing afternoon painting ‘River Sunrise’ with my friends in Jordan 😊

Wildflowers & Butterflies November 25, 2022

Friday night fun painting ‘Wildflowers and Butterflies’ in Jordan!

Everglades November 14, 2022

My friends and I spent some time in the ‘Everglades’ today. We met some cute flamingos! Great job everyone, I’m so proud of you!

Around the Bend October 29, 2022

We went 'Around the Bend' in Jordan!  It was a challenging class and you all did a great job!

Floral Wine Tumblers October 21, 2022

What a great way to spend a Friday evening-painting wine tumblers with these fun folks! Thank you everyone!

Milky Way October 20, 2022

We visited the ‘Milky Way’ in Niagara Falls! What a fantastic group! Thank you everyone!

Around the Bend October 17, 2022

We took a trip 'Around the Bend' in Ingersoll!  so much fun!  thank you everyone, great job!

River Sunrise October 14 2022

We had lots of fun teaching a Teambuilding event for this great group today! Thank you everyone!

Everglades September 24, 2022

A great day visiting the Everglades! Love your flamingos everyone! Great job and lots of fun!

River Sunrise September 19, 2022

It has felt great to get back to classes this week!   ‘River Sunrise’ in Ingersoll was a great success! We shared lots of much-needed laughter. Special thanks to Morgan Hrabets for helping to make it happen. ❤️ Thank you for the great turnout everyone!

Hydrangeas September 17, 2022

We had a great time painting Hydrangeas at Spring Lake today!

Mountain Lake July 30, 2022

A fantastic day for an outdoor class in Jordan!! Great work everyone!

Super Moon July 16, 2022

Our very first class at Spring Lake! So much fun! Can’t wait for the next one!

Sandpipers June 27, 2022

A great day painting ‘Sandpipers’ with my friends in Ingersoll! The best part was our awesome birds!! Beautiful work everyone!

Sunset at the Lake,  June 11 2022

A great day painting ’Sunset at the Lake’ with my friends in Jordan! Great job everyone! Thank you for making it fun!

Sunset at the Lake May 30, 2022

A great day with my friends in Ingersoll! We had a lot of fun painting ‘Sunset at the Lake’!

Wilderness Way, May 28 2022

A beautiful day in Jordan painting ‘Wilderness Way’! This project is extra special because it was the last painting that Bob did on The Joy of Painting. ❤️. Great job everyone! Thank you for making today special!

Our newest venue - Niagara Falls History Museum

A fantastic evening at our newest venue, Niagara Falls History Museum! We had an awesome group to make our first class successful. Watch for our next class, coming on October 6th!

Assumption High School May 17 & 18 2022

Two fantastic, exhilarating and exhausting days teaching Bob Ross classes to grades 9 thru 12 at Assumption High School.  A wonderful group of enthusiastic students

Private Lesson May 1, 2022

We had a great afternoon painting Northern Cascade with sisters! Thank you for coming!

Wilderness Way April 25, 2022

So pleased to have another great day with my friends in Ingersoll! Thank you for the fun!

Super Moon, April 23, 2022

We had a fantastic time painting ‘Super Moon’ in Jordan today. Thank you for a great afternoon everyone!

Northwest Cascade March 26, 2022

We had a super special Saturday afternoon in Jordan. Congratulations to everyone - we accepted the challenge of a complex painting and crushed it. I’m so proud of you all!

Paint Night March 19, 2022

A great Paint Night with these lovely ladies! We laughed so much! Thank you everyone, I hope to see you all again!

Private Lesson March 11, 2022

A great day with this great couple!  They did a wonderful job on their first-ever painting!

Aurora's View February 26, 2022

A wonderful day in Jordan painting Aurora’s View. We had a great group and lots of fun! Congratulations on an awesome job everyone!

Private Lesson February 16, 2022

Lots of fun today painting ‘Sunset at the Lake’ with this lovely lady! Thank you for all the laughs and a great day!

Our First Class of 2022!

Our first class of 2022! Super Moon with our own personal twist with these two lovely ladies. Thank you for a fun afternoon!

Private Lesson December 14, 2021

We had a fun private lesson this morning - Evening at the Falls! Great job!

Sandpipers December 3, 2021

So much fun painting Sandpipers this evening in Jordan! Thank you everyone, great job!

Private Lesson November 29, 2021

A fun, relaxing afternoon painting Winter Haven with one of my favourite people!

Private Class November 28, 2021

A great class today with these lovelies! Great job!!

Private Lesson November 27, 2021

A super fun Saturday morning painting ‘Winter Haven’ with this young man. You did an amazing job!!

 Private Lesson November 21, 2021

An extra special private lesson today - celebrating a birthday! Thank you for including me in your festivities!

Through the Window November 20, 2021

The smiles say it all! A nice relaxing afternoon painting ‘Through the Window’ in Jordan. Great job everyone, thank you for sharing the afternoon with me!

Through the Window November 15, 2021

So much fun painting ‘Through the Window’ in Ingersoll today! Thank you for a great time!

We're teaching a Zoom Class for PBS!

I’m absolutely delighted and excited to have been asked to teach an online class for PBS station WCTE in Tennessee!

For details please visit   

Private Lesson October 27, 2021

We painted Winter’s Haven today in a private lesson. So much fun! The smile says it all!

Forest River October 23, 2021

We had a great class in Jordan painting Forest River. The perfect mix of first time painters and more experienced artists. We tamed the black canvas and had a good time doing it. Thank you everyone!

Birch Sunrise October 15, 2021

Our first-ever Acrylic Paint Night Out at Lincoln Museum and Cultural Centre was a great success!  Thank you for coming everyone, it's always fun to try something new!

Purple Mountains Majesty September 26, 2021

Purple Mountains Majesty (ok, so they aren’t all purple 😉) this afternoon in the BackY’Art. Lots of laughs, a couple of panics when the wind tried to lift the tent, and a great time! Thank you for coming!

Ocean Sunrise September 25, 2021

We had a nice relaxing afternoon creating ‘Ocean Sunrise’. Thank you for coming, you did a great job!!

Lake of the Woods in Ingersoll September 20, 2021

We had a great time painting ‘Lake of the Woods’ in Ingersoll! We rose to the challenge of the 1” brush. Congratulations everyone,this wasn’t easy and you did a great job! See you on October 18th!

​Private Lesson September 18, 2021

It was a beautiful day for a private lesson! These first timers did a fantastic job! Way to go ladies!

Daisy Fields September 11, 2021

We went on the road for an outdoor private party. The wind didn’t get the better of us though! We had a blast painting Daisy Fields. Great job everyone! Thanks for having me 😊

Private Lesson, August 30, 2021

A fun private lesson with this lovely lady today! Great job on your ‘Mountain Blossoms’ and your very first mountains!

Lake of the Woods, August 21, 2021

Our first class at the brand new Lincoln Museum & Cultural Centre was great! Thank you for coming everyone, you did an awesome job! Looking forward to seeing you next time 😊

Beach Waves In Ingersoll, August 16 2021

We caught some great waves when we visited the beach in Ingersoll!  Great job everyone!

Private Lesson, August 14, 2021

This morning I had a fantastic private lesson with this enthusiastic young Bob Ross fan! Your Island in the Wilderness is beautiful. I hope I see you again sometime!

Serene Sunrise, July 11, 2021

It was a perfect day to paint ‘Serene Sunrise’. The rain falling gently on the tent created a relaxing atmosphere. The smiles say it all 😊

A BackY'Art Surprise Birthday Party

An extra special BackY’Art day celebrating a surprise birthday party! So much fun with this group! Thank you everyone!

Northern​ Sunset in Ingersoll

It was a beautiful day for Northern Sunsets in Ingersoll! Thank you for braving the weather, it was fun!

Lake of the Woods June 6, 2021

Another great day for BackY’Art!! It was hot but we still had lots of fun. Great job everyone, thank you for coming!

What's New in Our World

As of May 30, 2021, BackY’Art is back and what perfect weather for our first class! We painted Lake of the Woods with our own personal twist. Great job everyone! Thank you for a super fun afternoon!

Almighty Mountains in Beamsville

We were a small but fun group painting Almighty Mountains on March 13, 2021! Thank you to the Lincoln Museum and Cultural Centre for a fabulous afternoon! Thank you for coming everyone, you did a great job!

Zoom Class, November 4, 2020

The year 2020 has come with many challenges, but it has also come with many gifts.  One of them was to launch me out of my comfort zone and into the online teaching world.  We've surmounted almost all of my technological challenges.  There are still improvements to be made, but it's a great start!

Island in the Wilderness in Ingersoll!

We visited an Island in the Wilderness in Ingersoll today. So much fun! Thanks everyone! Great job everyone!! Can’t wait til next time 😊

Ingersoll 50+ Activity Centre

Forest River BackY'Art Class

October 18, 2020 was our last BackY’Art class of the season! Forest River was tons of fun. We stayed warm in our little tent city. It was a fun day and not a drop of rain! Thank you everyone, great job!​

Blood Moons for Hallowe'en

Spooky moon paintings October 17, 2020 at the Lincoln Museum and Cultural Centre. Wonderful job everyone! Thank you for a great class!

An Anniversary Party!

We had great fun with Kim & Mark this afternoon painting ‘Rolling Hills’ and helping them celebrate their 12th wedding anniversary! Cheers to many, many more! 🥂🥂🥂🍾🍾🍾

September 27, 2020

Daisy Fields in Ingersoll!

Daisy Fields today in Ingersoll! The wind was definitely blowing our daisies around. Great job everyone!! Can’t wait til next time 😊

Ingersoll 50+ Activity Centre

Golden Glow of Morning in the BackY'Art

A perfect day ton September 20, 2020 to paint Golden Glow of Morning in our BackY’Art. We enjoyed one another’s company and the day. Great job everyone! Thank you!

Painting Rolling Hills at Lincoln Cultural Centre

We enjoyed a sunny day under the shade trees at the Lincoln Museum and Cultural Centre on September 19, 2020.  We had 11 budding artists and they all did great! It was such a fun day!  

Midnight Magic in the BackY'Art

Lots of fun painting Midnight Magic in the BackY’Art on August 23, 2020! It was hot, but we made magic anyway. Great job everyone! Can’t wait til next time 💖

Lavender Fields!!

We had fun at the Ingersoll 50+ Activity Centre on August 19, 2020 painting Lavender Fields under the gazebo! Not only did we learn to paint using old gift cards and q-tips, we had our dexterity tested by the wind. It was a fitness class disguised as a painting class! 😊😊

Thank you to The Best of Burlington

I recently had the privilege of being interviewed by The Best of Burlington!  Thank you Kim for such a fantastic experience!

Click Here to Watch the Interview 

Golden Rays of Sunlight in the BackY'Art!

We were a small but fun group on July 26, 2020 painting Golden Rays of Sunlight!  It was a hot day, but we got'er done!

Painting the Milky Way at Lincoln Cultural Centre

To celebrate re-opening, the Lincoln Museum and Cultural Centre hosted a special event outdoor painting class on July 25, 2020.  We had 13 happy painters enjoying the outdoors and a little creativity.  It was such a fun day!  

The Milky Way outdoors!

Outdoors today at the Ingersoll 50+ Activity Centre. Great job everyone! It was great to see you all after such a long time apart.

Successful July 5, 2020 BackY'Art Class!

This afternoon’s BackY’Art class! It was hot, but we didn’t mind (much😜). Thanks for the fun everyone!

Our Inaugural BackY'Art Class!!

Our new reality means that we have to be creative in more ways than one!  We held our very first BackY'Art class at our home on June 28, 2020.  Everyone had a great, physically distanced time painting Milky Way!  Thanks for coming everyone!

Update - The dates for the first three class dates have been changed.  New dates are listed below.

New Classes at Lincoln Cultural Centre

We’re very excited that the Lincoln Museum and Cultural Centre has invited us to teach a series of 6 workshops in 2020/21!

The new workshop dates are:

September 19 - Rolling Hills

October 17 - Blood Moon

November 14 - Snowfall Magic

January 16, 2021 - Island in the Wilderness

February 20, 2021 - Ocean Sunrise

March 13, 2021 - Almighty Mountains

Individual classes are $55 each. 

Photos of the projects are included in this post. If you have any questions, please message me.

The Centre is located at 4996 Beam Street in Beamsville ON.

To register please contact the Centre at 905-563-2799, extension 319 or go online at and click on the Recreation Programs tab.

A slideshow of the paintings is below.

Our First Facebook Live!!

Today, Wednesday April 1 2020, we did our first Facebook Live broadcast.  It went great!  To see the video, click the button below.

Facebook Live

Michaels Classes Cancelled Until Further Notice

In light of current events, Michaels has made the decision to suspend the classroom program until further notice. If you’ve signed up for classes you will be receiving a full refund. I’m looking forward to seeing you once things return to a safer state. Until then, please stay healthy and take care of one another.

Ocean Sunrise Class - February 16, 2020

The ocean at sunrise looked great at Michaels Appleby today! Thanks everyone!!!

Gray Winter

A wonderful start to 2020! So much fun today in the break room at Michaels! Great job everyone - thank you for coming!

Fun with Fine Arts Students!

We had the opportunity today to have a workshop with 18 Students in a Grade 9 Fine Arts class at a local high school.  It was their first Bob Ross class and they did an amazing job!  

Private Lessons Still Rock!

Spent the afternoon on an Island in the Wilderness with this lovely lady. So much fun an​d always great for the soul! Thank you Ellen!

Artisan Christmas Market !!! 

Private Party!!

A Bob Ross surprise birthday party! A raucous good time was had by all!!!

Impasto Painting in Ingersoll

Something new for the group in Ingersoll today. Impasto painting! Our beautiful winter scenes were painted using painting knives only - not a brush in sight. As always, thank you for the fun everyone, you were great!

Snowfall Magic!

We created some Snowfall Magic today at Michaels on Brant Street! Beautiful job everyone!

Getting a head start on Christmas!

What to do on a snowy Monday afternoon?  Make Christmas gnomes!!

A Private Commission

A commission for a friend!  Three panels, each one 12" x 24".  Acrylic on stretched canvas.  

Private Lessons Rock!

A private session today! Love the almighty mountains!

Snowfall Magic at Michaels Appleby!

It was time for some Snowfall Magic at Michaels Appleby today! So much fun and such beautiful paintings!

Just in Time for Hallowe'en!

Blood Moons at Michaels Appleby!

Blood Moons were rising today at Michaels! It was great fun, thank you everyone! 

Mountain Waterfalls!

We painted Mountain Waterfalls at Ingersoll Seniors Centre today! Thank you everyone, you all did an amazing job!

Wine Glass Fun at Clancy's Pub!

Happy wine glass painters at Clancy’s Pub! Thank you for coming everyone, we always have so much fun!

Birch Grove Workshop

Beautiful Birch Groves in Ingersoll today! I love how they are all unique. Thank you coming everyone! It was a fantastic day as always!

Sneak Peek!! ​ Here are some of the projects coming to Paint Night!

We've spent the summer developing some great projects including the newest techniques - paint pouring and alcohol ink!  Stay tuned for dates, times and locations!

Home Studio Fun!

A super fun home studio session this afternoon with these lovely ladies! Such beautiful paintings, especially after we banished the darkness 😊. Thank you!!! 

Beautiful Clematis!

A great way to spend a super hot day - painting Clematis with my friends in Ingersoll! Great job everyone. Thank you for coming out on such a beautiful summer day!